Oct 2011

TRANSFORMATIONAL YOGA Workshop mit Nico Luce aus Vancouver

Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October 2011.

The Power of Choice. Change it, accept it or walk away.

Come explore how to take the reins of your life by using ancient yoga wisdom when facing any situation:  This three part workshop series will focus on embodying the powerful teachings of creativity, acceptance and detachment so they can never be lost or taken away from us.

In Change it, Saturday 10-12pm, we will delve into our innate creative power while doing hip openers and twists; in Accept it, Saturday 2-4 pm, we’ll experience the joy of back-bends; and in Walk Away, Sunday 10-12pm,  Inversions and forward bends will teach us how to let go to let in.

Workshop will be led in English.


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